How to become a member of the UAP

The basis for admission to the Ukrainian Association of Psychoanalysis as an associated individual member is a personal application for membership, and as a collective associated member – the decision of the General Meeting of organization, the activities of which are consistent with the aims and objectives of the UAP.

Admission to the full-fledged membership in the UAP in addition to a personal application requires:

· the recommendations of at least two titular member of the UAP, which consist of characteristic of the candidate’s level of education, professional training, qualifications and practical work in the field of philosophical, therapeutic, psychological or applied psychoanalysis;

· the availability of official documents on psychoanalytic education attainment in one of the state-licensed educational institutions, duly issued by the designated authority.

Application for membership

Спасибо за обращение, сообщение успешно отправлено.

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Mikhailov Artem Nikolaevich принято заявление Ukraine Kiev
Mikhailova Alexandra Alekseevna the statement was accepted Ukraine Kiev
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